Case Studies :


For many years Richard Vanbergen has been asked to work on a number of consultancy projects on behalf of regular clients. Assignments are generally one-off tasks to deal with particular issues. As time has moved on over the years they have tended to be of a more sensitive nature, knowing that confidentiality and above all trust are important to the completion of any task.

All projects are pre-agreed, budgeted and presented on time

Case Study No:1

A global company wanted to close two of its office units and relocate elsewhere in the county. We were asked to work out the impact the closures would have and additional costs to staffing so that wage negotiations for the move were accurately negotiated.

400 staff were affected by this office closure and exact calculations were needed for this relocation as the impact for all affected was to significantly increase transport costs as the move was from a city centre block to an out of town office complex.

Case Study No:2

A major telecoms business operated an out of town unit employing over a 1,000 staff wanted a case taken to the local bus company to divert two of its routes to their offices to reduce the impact on traffic at the site and  the corporations carbon footprint. The re-routing involved the bus company extending the start/finish routes from its original journey. A significant neighbour also bought into the project, resulting in the bus company completely re-organising the localised routes, with the net benefit of reducing the traffic into the two commercial sites by 40%.

Case Study No:3

A business was importing signal stations to over 2,500 locations in and around the UK. Before they approached their own logistics company, they wanted to see an alternative proposition and the logistical issues for delivery, which included organising heavy lifting gear at each location to minimise traffic congestion. The company wanted the whole project to be costed and then benchmarked against a rival logistics operator. This exercise alone reduced the operating costs by 15%. The logistical budget was in excess of £10,000,000.

Case Study No:4

An American Corporation based in Cambridgeshire wanted us to rewrite service level agreements for local suppliers, more specifically, cleaning and security contracts. They wanted a simplified contract which would allow flexibility as the company expanded.

Case Study No:5

A very large IT facilities organisation wanted their European staff files collated digitally, re-filed, boxed and then transported to their central secure warehouse in Budapest. Some 12000 files had to be securely collated, packed and delivered.


These are some of the intractable problems that face businesses that want accurate information on a cost effective basis, using someone that they can trust and be confidential.