SWW Tips

Simple changes in your daily life can very quickly free up loads of time, which then you can manage to create even more time to make you even more productive.


Here are though, 21 tips to work in your daily routine, that will benefit you, make you concentrate and give you some very quick wins for a more productive day.

1 :        Try a get a good nights sleep. I know when managing a business, there are all the worries of the world, but there’s nothing worse after a bad nights kip, you go to work tired.

2 :        Remind yourself what you’re core purpose in life is.

3 :        Start each day afresh and rid the dross from the previous day

4 :        Recently I have got up 15 minutes earlier 2 or 3 times a week and just gone for a quick stroll around the block. Frees the mind and sets the day up.

5 :        Eat well, don’t eat junk or takeaway food. Lay off sugary fizzy drinks and don’t smoke. A healthy body is a healthy mind. Personally I try not to drink alcohol through the week and look           forward to a few glasses over the weekend.

Eat a proper regular breakfast.

6 :        Turn up on time, I know you’re the Boss, but turning up on time sets the pace for the rest of the day, which includes your staff, who you expect to turn up on time!

7 :        Plan the day, have a “to-do” list. Carry a note book with you, your mind will be buzzing with all sorts and you can’t remember everything.

8 :        Say good morning to ALL your staff, as part of your plan, have mini meetings with them and quickly find out what they are up to. Good way to make sure there’s no duplication of work.

9 :        Don’t be grumpy, shit happens. Being moody can set the rest of the team off and the day can be seriously unproductive.

10 :      Do all the important stuff first, respond to customers, suppliers and staff.

11:       Then do all your mundane and boring stuff next until it’s completed. Don’t put it off, just do it…stupid as this sounds, get this and the previous point out of the way ASAP, you then have a   loads    of free time to concentrate on the “good stuff”.

12 :      Don’t get distracted, work through the day as you intended. There is a separate chapter on emails.

13 :      Try and keep smiling, it raises the mood in the ranks.

14 :      Work the day into segments, something to look forward to, but get the boring stuff completed and out of the way

15 :      If possible work in different areas. We have a large boardroom which I use when working on big projects. Spread myself about.

16 :      Time wasting activities must stop, ebay, social media, looking at bbc news( do at home) waste seriously unproductive hours. If you want to do this, do it in your designated breaks and don’t    over-run. Bit like smokers in the old days disappearing for a fag every hour whilst the rest got on with their work!

17 :      I stopped playing games, completely and to compensate I read something that interests me about work. Motivational books , allotments though, now your talking.

18 :      Try and keep to a daily routine, as time moves on, you can juggle the day around to the point you have created spare time to take a day off work!

19 :      When you leave for the day, clear and tidy your desk.

20:       If there are people still working make sure there are ok, say good night.

21 :      Keep a tidy mind!