Business Ops

Business Operations

Owning or managing a business is no mean task. Put specifically, if you’ve sorted out your finances, sales and marketing strategy, then you need to be able to operate the business.
Clearly the whole operational process is dependant on what your business is. From being a ‘one man band’ to a substantial company employing people can be daunting for most “start ups”.
Typically you need to bear in mind the following :

Above anything else you must have a “Business Plan”, detailing absolutely everything including time lines, budgets and the general management of the business.

If you are going to operate your business from premises you will need :
Premises to work from.
Does the premises have planning permission for what you want to do?
Are the premises fit for purpose?
Do you have the right insurances?

If you operate in a “regulated” business, do you have the right permits and licences to trade?

If you are going to employ people, think of the following :
Only employ people that you need.
Employ people that have better skills than you.
Try not to employ friends or family, if you do, make sure your conditions of employment are “watertight” to avoid any misunderstandings. Specifically, agree in advance terms. Irrespective, of who you employ, make sure their terms and conditions of employment are understood.

Other matters to consider :
What transport do you need?
Security for premises, IT etc

When purchasing/leasing/renting premises you must use a solicitor for advice and guidance…in fact it’s essential you do.

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