YOU are the personality of the business

Think of Richard Bransen, Alan Sugar, Philip Green, The Dragons in Dragon’s Den,   They are all well known characters in the business world and their customers identify themselves with them and their product. These people are the pioneers in business and made their mark by taking on businesses far bigger than themselves and winning.

Business is a complex and especially if you’ve just started you need a 2 pronged approach in getting the message out. Firstly, your brand name needs promoting one way or another and secondly, you need promoting. Your brand/ product is one thing, but if you are in business you must be an expert in what you do. Maybe writing an article for your local paper which is relevant and upto date, or organising a charity event, which will make local news.

Writing a blog helps and in all cases it’s getting the message across.

Be very wary in writing or speaking about anything that’s controversial, stay away from using bad language and anything that’s in poor taste. There’s an old adage that taxi drivers never talk about 3 things, politics, religion and other peoples problems. Stick to that. If you do raise an opinion about something, keep the topic, short, simple and constructive. If you raise points about issues that concern you, be constructive and try and give answers to what has been raised.

But in many cases, customers want to hear and see you. It’s what they pay for and in many cases expect it.

Case History

I was at a local business exhibition a couple of years and a business was offering content management across the range of social media. I thought this was a brilliant idea. I approached the stand and the neighbouring person managing the next stand asked if I needed help. ( what was that all about? He just asked if she could man the site) It transpires that the person who owned the content management business was very shy, which I suppose I could understand. But to contact him I could only email him and he refused to give a telephone number, operational business address, but wanted the passwords to all your social media outlets. I simply walked away, a faceless business and there’s just too many of them out there. And risky

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