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Working with Facebook

No doubt, many of you have a “Facebook” account and if you probably admit it, spend too much of your time looking at it! But, if you look carefully through the timeline, you will see what is known as “sponsored posts”, by another name they are advertisements. Through the algorithms used by Facebook, they are advertisements that target you. Facebook looks at your profile and tries to work out your interests. It’s all very clever stuff.

So how do you set up a “sponsored post” and far more importantly, how do you target the right people?

You can’t set up “sponsored posts” from your personal Facebook account, you have to create a “page” and set up a business post. It’s easy enough to do, just go to your account front page, at the bottom right side you’ll see the “hamburger” logo, tap on that, go to your profile at the top of page and you will see “create page” icon and follow the very simple instructions. Once completed, Facebook will ask you to invite your friends to “like” your page. This activates the algorithms that Facebook will use. At this point, your “page” can only be seen by those people who press “like”. At the bottom of each post, you will see an icon the says “boost page”. This is where it gets interesting. Now you can target the people that you want to contact. This can be by age, location, profession etc. It’s very easy to do, all at a modest price. However, again from experience, trying to target other business users is difficult and can be expensive for very little return. Facebook comes to its own targeting consumers, so as an example, in the hospitality industry you could advertise your pub/restaurant/hotel, locally, offer special deals, discounts etc with a targeted audience, create a theme, get people to like your page and after a while, “sponsored posts” become a thing of the past as your “page” will become more “organic”. This process will take time, but with some perseverance will reap rewards. You might want to experiment with different ads and posts, but try not to be too repetitive.

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