Time, waits for no man…or woman

Wasting time…everyday.

……and don’t we all do it! Waste time everyday!

Even the most organised of people waste time and you would think with modern day technologies at our disposal, even more time is wasted.
There’s a guy called Tim Ferris who penned a best selling tome “The Four Hour Work Week” and although written for different motives than trying to save time, the principles are still the same and that is to cut out the waste and work on productive things rather than chasing your backside all of the time.
The modern day business model has changed considerably over the last 30 years, impart to the introduction of the PC and mobile phone.
Here’s a few hot tips to try and save time daily
1: schedule your day, project by project, just get the jobs that need to be done, done!
2: don’t spend your time looking at your emails as they pop up in your inbox. If someone needs you urgently they will call.
3: if there is an important tender or document that has to be completed put up a “Do not disturb” sign on your door, or if you have a PA / Gatekeeper ask them that you do not want disturbing.
4: at the end of the day, reflect on your work, make notes for the following day.
5: unless it is totally relevant, don’t look at ANY social media sites, but allow, say, 20 or 30 mins a day max in a scheduled part of your day and stick to it.
6: Perato’s Law, 20% of your time will give you 80% of your most productive time. What do you need to do to improve that?
7 : based on point 6, do the difficult, boring, crap things first, so that you can then concentrate on what you enjoy.
8: monitor what you do initially and for the time you create, reward yourself, take a day off.
9: delegate work out. But think of this, if you charge yourself out at £20 per hour and a job needs doing and it’s going to cost £10 per hour, get them to do it. Think that’s daft, then how much do you pay your accountant to do your returns? Think about it!
10: being in business is no walk in the park, stresses and strains happen, at the end of the day, go home and unwind, difficult I know, but there only so many hours in a day!!!

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