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Constructive networking

24: Constructive networking   Networking is an important and integral “tool” to your business and it’s an art form few master well to their advantage. Over the years I have created a “contact list” of the many people I have met

Credit Control, watch it or it gets out of control!!!!

23: Credit Control, watch it or it gets out of control!!! There’s one thing in life that annoys me more than anything else and that’s when customers who have accounts don’t pay me on time, or within credit terms. Irritates

You can work just 3 days a week

12: working 3 days a week, but you need a routine It took me sometime to work this out, but I found out that my wife was only working 3 days a week. Full time working mother, managing a complex,

No customer should be more than 15% of your turnover

No customer should be more than 15% of your turnover In business, customers is all, without them, you ain’t got no business…. Finding them in the first place is a hard task, never mind keeping them, once you’ve got them.

Cheap advertising with Facebook

Working with Facebook No doubt, many of you have a “Facebook” account and if you probably admit it, spend too much of your time looking at it! But, if you look carefully through the timeline, you will see what is

October news, business rates upheaval

  New business rating revaluations The Government, every 5 years or so, revalues all business properties for the calculation of business rates. These are the charges that most businesses pay on their premises. As ever, many businesses will pay more

Time, waits for no man…or woman

Wasting time…everyday. ……and don’t we all do it! Waste time everyday! Even the most organised of people waste time and you would think with modern day technologies at our disposal, even more time is wasted. There’s a guy called Tim

YOU are the personality of the business

Think of Richard Bransen, Alan Sugar, Philip Green, The Dragons in Dragon’s Den,   They are all well known characters in the business world and their customers identify themselves with them and their product. These people are the pioneers in business

Its easy to be a millionaire….isn’t it?

There are people that genuinely think that if they go into business, they will end up like Richard Branson and be multi-millionaires in no time. The FT Business Guru, Robert Craven wrote a profound article referring to the naivety of